The Wizard of Oz Film Survey – Featuring Judy Wreath Straightforward Morgan-Beam Bolger-and Burt Lahr

“The Wizard of Oz” is an amazing film in view of L. Candid Baum’s fantasy “The Magnificent Wizard of Oz”. The embellishments are astonishing for when the film was made (1939), and the story and acting are similarly astounding.

Life in Kansas

The film starts in Kansas, apparently at when the new century rolled over. Dorothy Storm (Judy Laurel) is a vagrant young lady of around twelve who lives with her Auntie Em and Uncle Henry on a ranch. Dorothy is concerned in light of the fact that her canine Toto had bit the harsh Almira Ravine (Margaret Hamilton, who later depicts the Fiendish Witch of the West), and Dorothy fears the most exceedingly terrible from her. She attempts to get counsel from her three ranch hands Hunk (Beam Bolger, who later depicts the scarecrow), Hickory (Jack Haley, the Tin Man), and Zeke (Burt Lahr, the Fainthearted Lion), however 토토사이트 they don’t make too much of her anxiety. Almira gets back with a request from the sheriff authrorizing for her to have Toto obliterated, whence she puts Toto in a bushel and rides away on her bicycle. Toto escapes from the bin and gets back while Miss Ravine is riding ceaselessly. Dorothy then concludes she really wants to take off with Toto, so she rushes to the place of Teacher Wonder (Forthright Morgan, who later plays the Wizard as well as different jobs). He sneaks a look at a photograph of Auntie Em, then, at that point, professes to see her in a gem ball and tells Dorothy he sees her crying to attempt to discourage her from taking off. Dorothy and Toto then hustle back home. In the mean time, a twister starts to show up. When Dorothy gets back, everybody is concealing in the tornado shelter. Dorothy goes to her room, where the breeze blows the window out of its casing, hitting her head and thumping her oblivious. She gets up to find her home being moved by the typhoon. She glances through the window, first seeing certain 토토사이트 individuals she knows, then, at that point, she sees Miss Gorge riding her bicycle and being changed into a witch and her bike into a broomstick. A couple of seconds after the fact, the house lands alongside Dorothy and Toto in Munchkinland, a magnificent town with little houses, trees, and creeks (presently displayed in distinctive variety).


Dorothy is welcomed by Glinda, the Great Witch of the North, who shows up in an air pocket and tells her that her home fell on the Evil Witch of the East, killing her. The Munchkins, the occupants of the land, emerge and acquaint themselves with Dorothy. When they check that the Evil Witch is truth be told dead, they celebrate, applauding Dorothy. However at that point the Insidious Witch of the West shows up, who is the sister of the Evil Witch of the East, and takes steps to settle the score with Dorothy as well as Toto. Glinda causes the ruby shoes of the Fiendish Witch of the East to show up on Dorothy’s feet so the Insidious Witch can’t hurt her. The Devilish Witch then, at that point, vanishes. Dorothy communicates her desire to get back to Kansas. Glinda and the Munchkins advise her that to return home, she wants to follow the yellow-block street, which prompts Emerald City, where experiences the Wizard of Oz, who can get her home.

Dorothy’s Excursion

Dorothy takes their recommendation and starts her excursion along the yellow-block street to Emerald City. En route, she runs into a talking Scarecrow who claims he really wants a mind, a Tin Man who says he really wants a heart, and a Fainthearted Lion who needs boldness. The four wind up venturing together to see the Wizard, who ideally can take care of every one of their concerns. The Mischievous Witch attempts to stop them multiple times. As they at long last see Emerald City from a field of poppies, she enchants to make them nod off, whence Dorothy, Toto, and the lion nod off. The Tin Man and the Scarecrow are resistant to the spell, be that as it may, so they call for help. Glinda projects a counterspell by making it snow, which awakens everybody, whence they proceed to the entryway of Emerald City.

Emerald City

When they show up, they take a stab at ringing the chime, yet the man at the entryway lets them know gives them an indication on the entryway expressing, “Ringer messed up, kindly thump”, whence they thump on the entryway and he responds to them. Then, at that point, they let them know they came to see the Wizard, yet he lets them know nobody can see him. He at long last gives them access when Dorothy shows him the ruby shoes she’s wearing, whence he says, “Well that is a game changer!” He then, at that point, takes them through Oz on a pony whose variety changes a few times. From that point, they’re taken to a salon and spoiled in different ways. As they’re going to see the Wizard, the Devilish Witch soars over on her brush and structures in skywriting “Give up DOROTHY”.

The Wizard

At long last the four are driven in to see the Wizard, who shows up in a huge room as an enormous drifting head encompassed by fire and smoke. He lets them know that he can help them assuming they present to him the broomstick from the Fiendish Witch. Not long after they leave, the Evil Witch conveys a large group of flying monkeys, which catch Dorothy and Toto and convey them back to the witch’s palace.

Dorothy’s Catch and Salvage

When inside the palace, the Evil Witch attempts to get Dorothy’s shoes yet can’t, understanding that they won’t put on a show of being long as Dorothy is alive. In this manner, the witch attempts to kill Dorothy, turning over an hourglass and telling her that she’ll kick the bucket when the sand runs out. In the mean time, Toto escapes from the palace and gets together with Dorothy’s companions, who then, at that point, go to attempt to safeguard her. They figure out how to view as her and salvage her from the palace similarly as the last sand tumbles from the hourglass. When outside, the witch sets the scarecrow ablaze. Dorothy drenches him with a pail of water, some of which sprinkles onto the Underhanded Witch, making her dissolve, abandoning her dress, cap, broomstick, and a couple of wisps of steam. Shockingly, the witch’s fighters are more than happy that she is dead, having been freed, and they acclaim Dorothy for killing her.

Get back to the Wizard

Presently with the brush close by, the four re-visitation of the Wizard and request that he follow through on his commitments, however he actually denies. Toto then hurries to a drapery and snatches it, uncovering a person pulling all the strings working at a control cushion. According to the Wizard’s voice, “Give no consideration to the person pulling all the strings!” Soon they find that this man truly is the Wizard in camouflage. He ends up being excellent as a man, however, and tackles every one of their concerns. First he hands the scarecrow a Confirmation, then hands the Tin Man a heart-molded clock, lastly offers the Fearful Lion a respectable decoration for assisting with safeguarding Dorothy and battle the Underhanded Witch. He then, at that point, tells the four that he showed up in Oz from Kansas in a sight-seeing balloon and offers to take Dorothy and Toto back with him in it. However, not long before departure, Toto detects a feline outside and runs out of the inflatable bushel to pursue it. Dorothy pursues Toto, whence the Wizard, at this point not ready to control the inflatable, floats off without help from anyone else.

“There Is No Spot Like Home”

Dorothy fears she’s caught in Oz alongside her companions, however at that point Glinda shows up. She lets Dorothy know that she and Toto had the power from the start to get back, the power dwelling in her shoes. She lets Dorothy know that she didn’t tell her this from the outset since she believed her should get familiar with an example, to be specific that genuine joy lies in her own lawn. Yet again after Dorothy expresses farewell to her companions, Glinda advises her to tap her heels together and rehash the words, “There’s no spot like home.” She adheres to these directions and sure enough gets back to Kansas, displayed in sepia tone. She finds her companions encompassing her in her room, offering thanks that she endure the typhoon. Dorothy abnegates her excursion. Everybody tells her that it was a fantasy, however she demands that it was genuine. Anyway, she is happy to be back and presumes that there truly is no spot like home.

The Wizard of Oz Film Survey – Featuring Judy Wreath Straightforward Morgan-Beam Bolger-and Burt Lahr
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